Compelling Dissertation Ideas On Child Protection

The dissertation is a huge part of a student’s career and most are required to complete a properly done dissertation, before they can receive their diplomas. Just like real world research, these papers require students to follow all the steps any researcher would have to. This means extensive studies, planning and analysis, as well as many writing and formatting tasks. Even before you begin, you can have a hard time gaining approval for your initial proposal.

When writing a dissertation, the first, most important step is the selection of a topic, a good topic can earn you high grades from the start so choose wisely. You should be aware of the resources available to you, how much time you have and your personal skills when selecting a topic. The following is a list of dissertation topics in child protection, for your consideration:

  1. How does domestic violence in home affect the ability of a child to develop into a normal, functional adult?
  2. How does society deal with persons from broken homes?
  3. What are we doing to protect young children from group stigmatization by other children?
  4. Are we prepared for a future where some children are denied educational opportunities because of the opinions of their parents?
  5. Are all adopted children safe in their new homes with parents who may not necessarily care for them?
  6. What can be done to aid children of abusive parents without completely wrecking their family structure beyond repair?
  7. Despite increases in our medical advances, the infant mortality rate is still very high in some places. Is there enough supervision at deliveries for parents to feel 100% safe?
  8. What are the best measures that can be taken to protect the rights of disabled children?
  9. What are the options to an adopted child in worst case scenario?
  10. Should countries be allowed to continue practices of female genital mutilations out of respect for their customs?
  11. Why does it seem like nothing is being done about child kidnapping and trafficking incidents?
  12. How is it possible that children are able to become hooked on illegal drugs?
  13. What can parents do about their children being involved in gangs when their own lives may be at risk for taking action?
  14. If children are able to work in controlled, fair environments, of their own free will, is it not possible that this could be beneficial to many societies?
  15. What can be done about communities that still practice arrange marriages at very young ages?

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