Dissertation Writing Ideas On Autism: Top 20 Questions

If your professor has recently assigned you a dissertation about autism, but you don’t know what exactly to write, you may find these twenty top questions we gathered helpful.

  1. What is autism? This must be included in the introduction. If I come across your work, it doesn’t necessarily mean I know what the illness is. It serves as a nice introduction before you start depicting possible treatments.
  2. How do you detect autistic behavior? How does a parent know their kid might suffer autism? When do I begin to be concerned before hurrying to the hospital?
  3. Is there a medical test? It is not possible to detect such a case with a blood exam or anything of that sort.
  4. What are the possible exams and tests? If it cannot be detected by blood, how do doctors diagnose?
  5. What are the degrees? It’s not a “you either have it or you don’t” kind of disease. So be sure you mention the possible degrees.
  6. How to detect a mild case? Since there is a milder kind, it is surely problematic to detect. How so? And what are the complications?
  7. What is Asperger’s? Many people don’t know that Asperger’s has anything to do with autism.
  8. Children: Does age affect behaviors if one suffers this disease?
  9. Adults: Can adults even suffer this illness?
  10. What are the symptoms? Include how symptoms can vary according to the degree.
  11. How can it be treated? Is there a cure, maybe? Why/why not?
  12. History: How was it detected in history? It was not, and it was considered madness.
  13. Death: Can one die of this disease?
  14. Death statistics: If one can die of it, what are the death statistics?
  15. Life expectancy: Do sufferers have a life expectancy depending on the degree?
  16. Parents and dealing with kids: Does having a child suffering this disorder affect parents psychologically?
  17. Bereavement: How can we talk to kids who suffer this disease about death and tragedy in a more general sense?
  18. How to deal with it if you have been diagnosed: If you’re aware you suffer this illness, what can be done to limit bad behavior?
  19. How to handle others’ behaviors: How can one maintain an empathetic behavior when dealing with sufferers?
  20. Do I suffer this illness? Is self-diagnosis dangerous?

Those are our top suggestions. Be sure to browse around our page some more for more ideas and topics on dissertations that you may find helpful!