Useful Dissertation Prospectus Writing Guidelines From An Expert

Your dissertation is probably the most important paper that you will have to write during your college years. This means that you have to work for months to make it perfect from every point of view. As you already know, it is not enough to read a few books to have sufficient information; you need to reserve only a few weeks just for research. Even more, there are many additional elements that you need to create if you want to get a high mark. The dissertation prospectus sounds scary for many students, but it’s actually pretty simple. These guidelines will explain to you how to create it:

  • Establish the topic of your dissertation. Of course, you can not do anything until you know what you will write about. Generally, your supervisor will suggest a few interesting subjects but the final decision is yours. Don’t choose something easy; it will be very tricky to find interesting information about a dull topic and no one will want to read your composition.
  • Establish the length of the prospectus. Usually, it needs to be at least a few pages long, but some professors have very strict requirements. Ask your teacher if you should write a specific number of words. If it’s up to you, think about writing ten or fifteen pages.
  • In this piece you will have to say what you hope to achieve from your dissertation. This means that you need to discuss about why you chose this particular topic and what improvement you want to bring. It seems easy, but it’s not easy to explain something like this in a few lines. Most of the students write about six or seven pages of explanations. You can also mention why (or if) this topic is important for you. Is it related to any personal issue?
  • Write down your research methods. And this time, you are allowed to introduce as many details as you want! Start with the beginning and write down what books you read and what information you got from each one of them. Later on, you can talk about how these books made you search for other sources to confirm or infirm a certain idea. Remember that all the titles need to be written separately on a references page. Without these elements, your dissertation will not be considered complete.